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Anti-Malware Programs in 2020

Top Three Anti-Malware Programs for Safety in 2020

Computer viruses are not the only things that can affect your experience. Every time you go online, there is a risk to contact adware, scamware, scareware, ransomware, or even worse…

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Final Fantasy VII Remake: When will the Release Date be?

While many fans are waiting for the Final Fantasy VII Remake to arrive on the market, it seems like the new coronavirus is messing things up once again. The game…

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Nier Replicant is Getting Remastered for PS4, Xbox One and Steam

Renowned game developer Square Enix, along with ToyLogic, has just released an announcement about Nier Replicant. The statement surprised fans of the title, as it revealed that the game is…

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Three Best Group Chat Apps to Use While in Lockdown or Quarantine

Group video platforms are now seeing a massive rise as people in numerous countries are staying home under national lockdown. For those healthy enough to stay home during the novel…

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Uranus Under Focus As It’s Leaking Gas Into Space, According To Old Voyager 2 Data

The last time Uranus was strictly observed was 34 years ago by Voyager 2. Since then, the data gathered by the spacecraft was regularly studied, and it continued to dazzle….

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