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‘Peer-To-Peer Transmission Alliance’ – What Does Xiaomi, Oppo and Vivo Have in Mind

Chinese smartphone vendors have created an alliance in order to enable wireless file transfer without actually needing the internet.

This partnership between the three brands will make sure that WiFi Direct is supported on all devices, which will allow smartphones to pair in order to enable the transfer of files, videos, photos, and music – all of this without being online.

Chew Shou Zi, who is the SVP of Xiaomi, stated that “This expansion of the Peer-to-Peer Transmission Alliance to global users all the more underlines Xiaomi’s longstanding commitment of bringing innovation to everyone.”

By making the team, Vivo, Xiaomi, and Oppo are expecting to benefit all the smartphone users out there, from all around the globe. Xiaomi will, of course, continue to bring more strategic partnerships into the image, including one that will benefit the Mi Fans.

What is WiFi Direct?

This entire idea of WiFi Direct is quite simple. There are two compatible devices that connect to each other and which create an ‘ad hoc network’ without needing the internet. Users will be able to turn on the feature, select the device they had in mind and transfer whatever they want. It can be so useful when it comes to moving documents to a printer, for example.

We know it is not a new idea, but it sure is useful. There are so many companies, including Xiaomi, which introduces such features, and which only had to benefit from it. Xiaomi devices are able to link-up to other Xiaomi devices, and this partnership between the three OEMs is a positive step towards a better ecosystem and the usefulness of this feature.



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