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Phone Injuries: How Important It Is for Us to Know All the Risks?

What wrong can a phone do? Nothing much, right? Cuts, broken noses, brain injury, death? The answer is yes – to all of them.

A study was led by experts in the US who found out that injuries that are linked to mobile phones are caused by the devices — texting while walking sounds familiar to you? Is a phone hitting someone in the face? A battery exploding?

Some of these injuries represent long-term complications, and the authors of the research stated that users should be more careful and aware of the dangers of using their devices while doing other actions. People also need to know how to prevent this kind of injury.

Who reads a book while walking? No one. So why read an article while walking? This comes from Boris Paskhover, who is the chief of facial plastics and reconstructive surgery from Rutgers New Jersey medical school. But the fact is that everyone is doing it.

Some people have taken some measurements. For example, in China, people who use their phones while walking have a special stretch of pavement just for them. In Salzburg, there are airbags on lampposts, which are meant to raise awareness of how dangerous it is to use your device while walking.

You may not have thought about this so far, but excessive use of tech devices can become addictive, and sometimes this is treated just like any other addiction. The best choice that one has if they believe that, over time, they have become addicted to their phones/computers/social media, is to seek professional help. Therapists such as the ones you can find at BetterHelp, for instance, are people who have been skilled for such issues, and they can provide solutions on how you can become free of addiction. Make sure that your mental health comes first because it is vital for a high-quality life.

Paskhover and his team talked about how they analyzed the data from 100 hospitals in the US, data collected from January 1998 to December 2017. The data shows that over 2500 patients came to the ER with head or neck injuries, which were linked to the use of the smartphone. We are talking about 76.000 cases across the entire US.



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