Phone SE vs. Pixel 4A: This Is the One You Should Choose

2020 has been the year of disaster. But we also got some breaths of fresh air from time to time, and the wallet-friendly phones proved that. Both Apple and Google launched smaller versions of their most popular devices, iPhone SE, and Pixel 4A. They are the alternatives to the iPhone 11 and Pixel 4. We are here to tell you which one is better.

So what about the price?

The cheaper model of iPhone costs $399 (that is £419, AU$749), and the Pixel 4A costs $349 (that is £349, AU$599).

The iPhone SE

It is safe to say that this is the cheapest flagship iPhone you can get, and you won’t be disappointed. It comes with a powerful A13 Bionic processor, and the design is water-resistant. It also comes with wireless charging and Wi-Fi 6. Its price is a bit more expensive than the Google variant, but we should mention that the camera is excellent, so it might be worth the money.

Google Pixel 4A

This one has fewer features than Pixel 4. It does not come with wireless charging, and it is not water-resistant, and it has the Snapdragon 730G processor – which is not as powerful as the A13 Bionic processor. However, its battery works better, and the camera is the same as the one on Pixel 4, so we are not disappointed.

About the camera

This one really depends on what kind of pictures you want to take. If you’re going to take photos of a day out at all times, the Pixel 4A and its Night Mode are precisely what you need. But if you do a lot of videos and selfies, you might want to choose the iPhone SE. According to some sources, “The Pixel 4A is clearly better for low-light photography and, as a result, is stronger overall for still images. It also has more options than the iPhone SE in its default camera app. The iPhone SE has the edge for video and selfies.”

About the design

In order to cut down the costs, the companies might need to change the designs a bit. But iPhone SE’s design is very similar to the current iPhones on the market. It has a thicker bezel, but it does keep the glass encasing and the water-resistant body. You can get it in three colors: black, white, and red.

When it comes to the Pixel 4A, we cannot say that it is an elegant phone. You can only get it in black, and its matte polycarbonate body does not look as good. The camera bump placed on the back is much larger than the one on the iPhone, and, as stated before, it is not water-resistant. It does come with its OLED screen, and it has a 1080p resolution. The pixel density is also higher. The thin bezels make it look more modern, in comparison to iPhone SE.

All in all, we believe each has its amazing features and that you should take all of these details into account before choosing one.



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