Photographer Shoots Fantastic Images of a Pink Manta Ray

A photographer enjoyed a remarkable stroke of luck when he ran into a pink manta ray during a recent drive. Pink manta rays are quite rare, and to have the chance to admire one in its natural habit is a remarkable opportunity.

The underwater photographer decided to visit a section of the Great Barrier Reef located near the Lady Elliot Island in Australia. He wanted to record some images of the turtles, sharks, and manta rays that use the reef as a habitat. When he observed that the underbelly of one of the manta rays was pink, he thought that the camera might be affected by a strange glitch.

During an interview offered to a news outlet, the photographer stated that he didn’t know that pink manta rays exist. However, he decided to shoot some images of the creature since they could be interesting and useful for other projects. Later during the day, he went to a local restaurant and saw a photo of a pink manta ray.

Impressive Images of a Pink Manta Ray

A brief comparison between the patterns shown in the photo from the restaurant and the images recorded by the camera revealed that the creature was, in fact, real, and he managed to photograph the same manta ray.

The experience was described as very calm, and the manta ray did not appear to be disturbed by his presence. Nicknamed Inspector Clouseau, after the popular character from Pink Panther, the marine animal has an impressive length of 3.3 meters. Only a few people have managed to see it since it was first photographed by Ryan Jeffery in 2015.

An initiative known as Project Manta has strived to track down the factors which led to the appearance of the unusual color of the belly, but no conclusive data has been found. Further research will take place in the future.

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