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Physics-Defying Particles in Antarctica Still Baffle The Scientists

Scientists had been left in awe after some studies on the Standard Model of particle physics revealed some strange particles in Antarctica. Such a thing helped them also perform many significant discoveries. On the other hand, it can’t explain the noticed mass of dark matter in the universe, the gravity as detailed by standard relativity, or the Higgs mechanism.

Currently, though, researchers decided to look after another intriguing thing that appears to crash an even massive hole in the Standard Model.

Deeply sensitive tools in Antarctica have been identifying a lot of energetic particles coming from the icy ground, and the Standard Model shows how such a fact shouldn’t occur at all.

It is known as very challenging to identify neutrinos due to their considerably low volume. They’re also known for their non-interaction with most encountered forces.

Physics-Defying Particles in Antarctica Still Baffle The Scientists

Antarctica seems to be a one-of-a-kind place for researchers. Its grounds are perfect for hunting one of the most intriguing phenomenon, such as those particles. Above Antarctica, researchers got a floating instrument on a balloon to scan every radio waves.

The device has been dubbed ANITA, the Antarctic Impulsive Transient Antenna. And it is in a permanent quest for finding the most amazing things. As for those radio waves, they are resulted by an encountering of neutrons with the ice layer. ANITA had been succeeding in capturing three events of ultra-high-energy neutrinos resurfacing from the ice.

The particles appear to have massive cross-parts that make them meet with some regular matter. While approximately all standard neutrinos will pass right through our planet without any issues, that should rarely occur wit ultra-high-energy neutrinos.

Such an event left researchers in awe, mainly because it happened three times/year. Also, new insights suggest that those occurrences couldn’t be part of the Standard Model.


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  1. If the particles are mingling with other forms of energy and matter and it is noticed then it exemplifies physical properties. If it is detectable, it has physical property to detect. Much of physics is still mere theory let’s not forget.


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