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Pixel 4a: Why It Could Become Irrelevant Soon

When it comes to Pixel phones, Google is not having a very good time. We know that it sold more than OnePlus did last year, but it does not get as high as the expectations people have. The Pixel 4a is late, and there are also rumors of the Pixel 5. The 4a is a quarter overdue, but we might get a release date soon.

The Pixel 3a launched happened in May last year, and the Pixel 4a would have been launched had the world got back to normal. But we’re not back to normal, and Pixel 4a has been delayed. By two months.

Look at the bright side, it could have been way worse than this. People started to think that there will be an October launch and that it will be released together with Pixel 5. But what good use was of that? Pixel 4a would have become irrelevant since Pixel 5 is believed to have the Snapdragon 765G processor. But we have also heard that a cheaper Pixel is on its way to us and that it will be released in two weeks.

It seems we’re going to get it on the 3rd of August. That’s two days before Samsung’s Unpacked 2020 event. Of course, these two are very different, but it seems that Pixel will be buried by Samsung.

The thing is that, after OnePlus Nord’s announcement, Pixel 4a kind of lost part of its appeal. But then again, there’s no other phone that has matches the speed of Pixel, but this advantage might be irrelevant since there’s a continually growing list of hardware issues that Google’s phones keep showing.




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