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Pixel vs iPhone: Which One Is Better at Transcribing the Speech Into Text?

People have put the iPhone and Pixel to the test. We found out that the Google’s smartphone is faster than Apples’ iPhone when it comes to transcribing the speech into text. The Pixel device had a rapid speech, while the iPhone was slow and lagged a lot.

According to the developer that has put them to the test, he used these two phones side-by-side placed in front of him, transcribing the same speech at the very same time. His first impression was that the Pixel was so responsive as if it was reading his mind.

He also talked about the differences that he had seen when it came to dictating. He stated that it is quite important to create back and forth interactions between the assistant and the person: “Speed has its own quality — the current model for speech is like a command line. You say something and wait for a response. Now that voice to text is fast and uses fewer resources than you would think, there’s a chance for truly interactive voice experiences.”

Both phones were able to transcribe the texts. According to Google, Pixel uses an all neutral, end-to-end on-device speech recognizer. They wanted to reduce latency. The service is available even when you are offline. This means that, as you speak, it places words – with all of their characters –  as if someone was typing out what you were saying in real-time.

A user has mentioned that you can see the Speed of Pixel if you use the Gboard keyboard on your iPhone. It’s really what would truly save you when it comes to a speech-to-text kind of service on an iPhone.



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