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Plague Inc To Launch A New Save-The-World Game Mode Inspired By The Coronavirus Outbreak

Plague Inc is a game that combines high strategy and real-life situations into a unique experience for its users. Recently, its creators have announced that their next game mode is going to be about the life and death situation inspired by the coronavirus outbreak that is currently going on in the world.

The plot of the game would include a character that has to save the world’s population from a deadly virus outbreak. The game is developed in partnership with the World Health Organization and other worldwide institutions to make it as accurate as possible.

The owners have decided to make this game available free of charge to anybody. This initiative comes after the increasingly high amount of people accessing the Plague Inc. platform after the outbreak of the virus. This outbreak in the gamers and their interest in this game started in January, even though the company has announced that all the details presented are not scientifically proven.

In addition, Plague Inc devs donated 250,000 USD to the fight against coronavirus

In addition to working on a free version of the game to spread awareness about coronavirus and COVID-19, the company has already made a donation of 250,000 USD. This donation is for two organizations, one fight for the lives of patients affected by the outbreak and the other one focussing on researching how this crisis can be solved.

The creator of the game, James Vaughan, declared that at the begging of setting up Plague Inc, he would never believe that the world could bear a resemblance to the concept he used in his game. He stated that he is more than proud of the sum he donated for the work of finding a cure for this spreading disease.

One of the institutions that benefited from the donation is CEPI. Their primary objective is to find proper medication for infectious diseases. The other one is represented by the fund implemented by the World Health Organization. Their main aim is to provide all medical institutions with the necessary equipment to stop the spreading of the virus and protect those staying in the front line of the coronavirus war.



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