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Plague Inc. Was Removed by the Chinese Government Due to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The Chinese government has deleted the epidemic game Plague Inc. from Steam and all app Stores. Plague Inc. is a simulation game based on incredibly realistic events. Players must wipe out humanity with bacteria, fungi, viruses, and other diseases. Various tactics can lead, more or less, to successful tasks. In the game, people would try their best to fight with the lethal diseases, producing cures, or other ways of prevention.

Why Has China Banned the Plague Inc. Game?

Officially, the Chinese government banned Plague Inc. game from Steam platforms and local app stores due to its “illegal content.” There is no coincidence that the app is removed after almost eight years and without important updates lately, during a real epidemic situation.

The game’s developers, however, have published a statement explaining that they are currently working on making Plague Inc. available again to Chinese citizens. As for the “illegal content,” it’s still unclear what it could be. At the same time, developers also announced that they’re working with health organizations to help restrain the coronavirus.

Plague Inc. Explained

Plague Inc. can be played on a massive map that represents the Earth and each country. Realistically, some regions have airports or ports, or in the best case, both. Players start by choosing a country to spread an invented virus.

Usually, the most significant countries are picked as starting points, because the more people get infected, the more points appear on a player’s DNA account. They can use such a thing to realize lots of optimizations and other updates in the game’s lab.

For example, players can enhance the resistance of the bacteria or virus to heat or cold, develop drug resistance as well, or promote the spread by animals. As for the symptoms, a wide variety can be produced, from sleep disturbances, coughing, insanity, to total organ failure. Plague Inc. provides lots of scenarios and tools to bring destruction to Earth.



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