Plants vs. Zombies 3 Leaks – What Will Fans Receive?

Plants VS Zombies 3 is now available on Android and iOS smartphones starting this week as part of a soft launch plan that only allows some users to download the game.

The game can be played by some individuals this week, and it will eventually be released on the Google PlayStore and Apple App Store sometime in the future. It seems like the PVZ 3 soft launch won’t come to the United States or the UK this month.

When will fans receive the game?

There might be months separating fans from the worldwide release of the latest Plats vs. Zombies game.

Bruce Maclean, PopCap Games Executive Producer, revealed more information regarding EA’s plans for launching the game on mobile platforms this year.

He said that the soft launch is an essential stage in game development that focuses on user-provided feedback.

“Because we’ll be making updates during this period, some of the content you see will be under construction and may change when the game finally goes live,” he added.

Where will the soft launch begin?

Surprisingly, the soft launch will commence in the Philippines, and increasingly more countries will receive the game as time passes.

If you want to check whether the game is available in your country or not, you only have to visit the App Store or Google PlayStore and search for it.

However, visiting EA’s Answers HQ page might be more helpful in providing precise data if a country will soon be added on the list.

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