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Play Fortnite Without Xbox Live Gold Membership

Fortnite is one of the most loved and played battle royale games of all time, where you have to fight against your rivals to be the last player on the dangerous island.

Many people play Fortnite on the Xbox One. It was always mandatory for Xbox users to purchase a Gold membership to play online.

Nevertheless, this method will teach you how to play Fortnite online without paying for additional subscriptions.

How To Do It

Technically speaking, there is no known way to play Fornite without Xbox Live Gold subscription, but there are some ways to skip past that requirement:

Method One – Alternative Platforms

Other versions of Fortnite don’t require a paid membership to play online.

Both the Nintendo Switch and PC platforms allow everybody to play Fortnite online for free!

However, if you don’t have access to other platforms or you only want to play on your Xbox, you’ll have to purchase a Gold membership from wherever you like.

Method Two – Using A Friend’s Account

This method is practical and straightforward – Ask a friend to add his Microsoft account to your console and make it as his or her home Xbox. That will permanently grant you access to their digital library.

From their account settings, navigate to Settings -> Personalization -> My Home Xbox -> Make this my home Xbox to complete the setup.

That doesn’t affect your friend as he or she can still access the games in their library.



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