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PlayStation 5 Info: Release Date, DualSense, Pre-order, Price

The actual price and the details for those that want to pre-order the PS5 have not yet been confirmed by Sony, but more news are about to come out regarding the DualSense controller, one of the most important features of the PlayStation 5. The problem is that it looks like gamers must have to wait even more before they are told all the details about the price and the pre-order capacities.

Guessing the Industry

Until now, fans had to base themselves on analysts from within the industry to gauge how much the gaming console of the next generation will costs. There are only a few more months until the release of the PlayStation 5, but gamers still do not know how expensive it could be to buy one of these devices.

PlayStation 5 Release Date

It is also quite hard for fans these days, as they do not even have an exact release date, which is odd, since “Holiday 2020” is getting closer by the minute. A lot of big questions remain of the next-gen strategy that Sony has prepared to be the leading console manufacturer in the world, but, at least, we know that we are going to have a cool DualSense controller.

DualSense Features

The DualSesnse Controller’s design has already been made public, as have more than a few of its features. Geoff Keighley, the creator of the famous Game Awards, has explained more about the feel of a PS5 controller. On Twitter, for example, he showcased an image of it and said that he will present more in an event.

The point of the DualSense Controller is that the sense of touch is one that has been ignored by the gaming industry too much. With the PS5, game creators are able to innovate by exploring how they can immerse themselves in the game more with an added sense.



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