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PlayStation 5 vs. Xbox Series X: Which One is the Most Popular?

The fans are eagerly waiting for the new generation consoles to be launched, According to online surveys, the interest in PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X is by far the biggest the two companies have seen since getting into the gaming business. However, it is clear that not all fans will be able to pay around $500 just for one console, let alone affording both of them. Therefore, the question is… which console is the one fans are waiting for the most?

The answer is simple: PlayStation 5

According to a recently completed survey, PlayStation 5 is the one that won the battel by a ratio of nearly 6:1. The study was conducted, and its results were published by Experience12, a pop culture marketing agency. It was performed on 3,000 subjects, and all declared fans of MCM Comic Con, the sci-fi and fantasy convention scheduled to take place in London about every year.

The subjects were directly asked which would be their choice if they were to choose between the two next-gen consoles: 84% fans of PlayStation 5, compared to only 16% fans of Xbox Series X. It appears that the English fans of the gaming industry have spoken for themselves.

The most popular… games

During their interview, the fans also mentioned that their passion for the upcoming PlayStation 5 games is not as big as merely buying the forthcoming consoles. The most awaited game was CD Projekt Red’s Cyberpunk 2077, which is not a novelty for the gaming industry, but the excitement comes from the fact that it will also be available for the next-gen consoles.

The second place is occupied by Marvel’s Avengers, followed by Tony Hawk’s Pro Skatter 1+2 Remaster and Dying Light 2. While the first four titles will be available for PlayStation 5 users, the fifth title is designed for Xbox Series X.



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