PlayStation 5 Would Outperform Xbox Scarlett – Here’s Why

The battle between the best consoles started many years ago, but this year and the next, we will see a real war. Even if we don’t know many details about both consoles, from what every developer stated, it seems that Sony is taking the lead regarding the performance of the device. So if the performance of the device is something essential for you, then maybe PlayStation 5 will be the choice. But as we don’t have everything on the table, we can’t decide yet.

PlayStation 5 is in an advanced state

What we have new about both consoles is from the developer kits that are showing some insight details about them. The details are out thanks to a member from ResetEra forums whose post is giving information on the game performance of PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett. From these posts, the conclusion is that Microsoft’s console is much lower in performance than Sony’s PlayStation 5.

Moreover, the member’s posts are saying that PS5 is right now in an advanced state regarding the hardware and software of the console, while Xbox Scarlett is still low with its developer kits. Microsoft can come in front of its software instead. The company is well known for the software segment, so maybe the console will beat PS5 in those terms.

The difference between PS5 and Xbox Scarlett might be small

Besides the leaks and information from the member from ResetEra forum, other fans, players, and users are thinking that the final difference between Project Scarlett and PS5 will be small. Of course, the leaks and the declaration can lead us to believe that PS5 will have the upper hand. It appears that the company is close to finishing the device. This could also lead to a closer launch of the console.

Finally, the war between the two companies and their consoles is still up. Their win is always depending on the users. Some people would choose the best performing, the best price, or maybe both PlayStation 5 and Xbox Project Scarlett.

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