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PlayStation’s History With Backward Compatibility Worries Future PS5 Owners

The year 2020 is bringing the most impressive and hard battle between companies and new generation consoles. Sony is launching PS5, and Microsoft is coming strong with the Xbox Series X. looking at Sony’s sales for PS4, we can be sure that the company is still dominant in this market, but it lacks something. The PlayStation 4 beside Xbox One has no backward compatibility, so a white ball for Microsoft.

Sony vs. Microsoft at backward compatibility

If you don’t know what backward compatibility is, the explanation is simple. If a console has this feature, then you can play all the games from the previous platforms. The video games market is evolving year by year, and games are appearing quite often, so Sony is avoiding adding this feature. On the other hand, Microsoft is adding backward compatibility to the Xbox One and is offering the hundreds of Xbox 360 games to play.

However, if you are questioning why Sony hadn’t done backward compatibility until now, the answer is because of the financial motivation. Supporting backward compatibility means that the player will use the old disc on the new console, and not buying the new game. But, after so many players have complained about the lack of this feature, it seems that Sony is making some changes. So, PS5 will come with backward compatibility for the Ps4 games. Finally, some good news from Sony and happy fans that could use the old disc and load the PS4 library.

The fans worry that Sony will eventually ditch backward compatibility in PS5

Looking at Sony’s consoles history, we remember that the PS2 played most of the PS1 games. When the slimmer PS2 came, a lot of old games didn’t work at all. After that, the PS3 was exceeding in the backward compatibility, playing games for PS1 and PS2 as well. Because PS3 was specially made with parts from PS2 to support the future, Sony launched PS3 slim without this function.

Finally, Sony launched PS4 without backward compatibility for PS3 and the other two versions as well. Even if we know that PS5 will come with backward compatibility, we are not sure if this will be for a long time. Factors as money and hardware are the problems, so maybe a slim version will come as well.



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