Plex Beta Update is Here With Lots of Improvements

Plex is a great media player software app you can use on a daily basis. The platform provides users with cool features and an amazing experience, besides its friendly user interface and various tools.

Plex comes from a forked code, and the best thing that offers is the possibility to set up a central server, on your PC, for example, and then play that server’s content from multiple devices.

What is Plex and Why You Should Use it?

The service has its own apps, known as channels, which include YouTube and more other popular platforms. With Plex, you can stream free movies and TV shows, as well as your personal video, music, and photo collections. It also offers the possibility to listen to your preferred podcasts, web shows, and online news on smart TV, Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV, PC, Mac, Android and iOS using a decent amount of high-quality options.

Users can organize their personal media and stream it to any device in a simple interface, along with detailed descriptions, artwork, and other related information. Plex comes with the option to search for your favorite content or discover new ones through personalized recommendations.

Plex is a multi-platform, as we already mentioned, which means it allows users to install and stream it on multiple devices. This is a great feature not many media players have, as it makes it possible to share content via the platform with other people. You can also stream a movie on your PC and finish it on your smartphone.

Plex Beta Update

The latest rollout for the media player, Plex beta update, comes with the possibility to scale subtitles when displaying the guide on the player, improve the experience when switching to and from the guide, as well as clean up the resources after the playback ends.

In addition, the update has also enhanced messaging around buffering scenarios, and the startup speed by removing an unneeded network request. On Live TV, the Plex beta update made it easier to focus on the currently airing item when entering PiG.

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