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Pokémon Go: Buddy Adventure Update or How to Get Closer to Your Pokémon

Before the end of 2019, we are getting one more Pokémon Go update. This update will allow you to feel as close to your Pokémon as Ash is to his buddy Pikachu.

The update brings Buddy Adventure, and it allows you to level up your friendship with your Pokémon in order to unlock some fantastic useful perks, such as a CP boost in combat. Your buddy will be able to fly or walk or roll with you on the map, and it will be able to bring you gifts or signal that there is something that’s hiding near you.

You can level up your buddy friendship by earning affection. You can get it through petting or feeding, or taking snapshots, or battling your friend. Or, as simple as it can get, you can simply walk on the map with your Pokémon. All of these will have an impact on two things: your Buddy Level and your Pokémon’s mood.

Make sure you interact with your Pokémon so that its mood will increase. The goal is to reach the “excited” level.  From that point, you’ll earn candy twice as fast when you’re walking with your buddy, and you’ll double the hearts in order to boost up your Buddy Level.

These are the buddy levels:

Good Buddy – it’s able to join you on your map, and it appears in the Buddy Profile page.

Great Buddy – it will also make its appearance in Pokémon encounters, and it’s able to bring you items.

Ultra Buddy – it will show you interesting places near you, and it will bring you souvenirs, which are new things that can be found on the Buddy Profile page.

Best Buddy – it will wear a Best Buddy Ribbon and gain a CP boost in combat.








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