Pokemon Go Created Some Problems to the Canadian Military

Going back in 2016, Pokemon Go created a massive phenomenon among teenagers. Every user that played the game was hunting Pokémon with their phones in all kind of places. From bus stations, parks, in all sorts of buildings, players traveled all over to capture the rare creatures.

Unfortunately, the game hadn’t had places that must be off-limits. This was the case of the Canadian Military, in which many players entered uninvited. The CBC News published the official report from the Internal Canadian.

The information is not new; CBC News talked about it a few years ago and requested information about it. After that request, that lasted a bit longer than usual, the Canadian Military had come up with a document of 472 pages about the game. It appears that the Fort Frontenac is a PokeGym and a PokeStop.

How Did Pokemon Go Create Problems to the Canadian Military

Moreover, what we find out from the document is that a lot of people entered the forbidden areas, especially for hunting down Pokémon. Unfortunately, the problem is that a lot of people hadn’t realized that they are putting themselves in real danger. The trespassing in these kinds of institutions can lead to injuries, but the Military’s reaction was amazement.

Besides this, the Security Expert at the Canadian Forces Base Borden, Ontario, David Levenick, is saying that they got help from a 12-years-old child to find out the Pokémon’s from their base. They have found five Pokémon’s on the range road. What is more impressive is the passion and perseverance of the players that want to hunt really bad those Pokémon’s that are entering in all kinds of situations.

To sum up, it is a funny story to find out that people are going so far for a game, but at the same time exciting to see the impact that a game has on people. Fortunately, Niantic has made some changes in the game, so a better and suitable location is available for players.

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