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Pokemon Go Got Updated Due to Coronavirus Outbreak

Recent news about the latest Pokemon GO includes some updates. If you’ve taken a break from the game, then you should return for some extra fun. The temporary overhauls of Pokemon GO due to the coronavirus outbreak might cheer you up. Especially if you stay at home. Devs encourage players to stay as much as needed indoors and enjoy some Pokemon GO updates.

The changes are active right away and will run until further notice. Pokemon GO fans can now receive an extra massive boost for their first catch of the day. They can also get more gifts and purchase bundles with large amounts of items. And all of these things with only one PokeCoin.

The New Pokemon Go Update

The boost players will receive for catching their first Pokemon of the day will arrive as a three-times increase for XP and Stardust. Even if it won’t be different and it won’t bring something special throughout the day, the active bundle of 30 Incense for one PokeCoin should supports players playing indoors. This week Pokemon GO updates will also add a new one PokeCoin bundle.

Players will be able to get up to 100 Poke Balls for only one PokeCoin. Devs announced that those bundles would turn into weekly events and change every Monday at 1 PM Pacific. Players should hurry and pick up this bundle until March 30.

The 30 Incense bundle will be available as long as the Poke Ball bundle will stay, until the end of next Monday. The number of gifts players can collect up to 20. They can open up to 30. Other updates will be released soon as Pokemon GO urges its players to stay inside and protect themselves from the new coronavirus. The official launch about the updates to Pokemon GO is available at Pokemon GO Live.



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