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Pokemon Go January Community Day: Everything You Need to Know

The first Community Day of the year is here. This event that happens every month will start on the 19th of January, on Sunday, and will give gamers a chance to catch a rare Pokemon. There are also many in-game bonuses and exclusive events.

Most of the Pokemon Go Community Days take place for about three hours. Still, the specifics of the events – like the special features Pokemon – are available for longer, it really varies from month to month. We are here to tell you what you should expect from this month’s Community Day.

What is the featured Pokemon this month?

Every Community Day has one features Pokemon, which frequently appears in the event. This month it’s Piplup’s turn, which can be usually found in Pokemon Diamond, Platinum and Pearl. You will discover Piplup in the wild and, of course, in Raids, and you can also find it from hatching the eggs that you receive at PokeStops during the entire event. You also have the chance to find the Shiny Piplup in Pokemon Go. The Shiny variants of Pokemon do not really appear in the game, but because of this event, you’ll probably see it more.

What is the Move in January’s Community Day?

Another great thing about Community Day is that you can get a Pokemon with a move you cannot do in Pokemon Go. If you evolve Piplup’s form, to Prinplup, and then into Empoleon, and all in two hours after the event ends, then the Pokemon will learn how to do the Charged Water attack, Hydro Cannon.

When does the Community Day start?

The January event will run for about three hours, but it will take place at different times, it really depends on the hemisphere you live in. For those in the Northern Hemisphere, the event will start at 11 AM and will take place until 2 PM local time. In the Southern Hemisphere, the event will start at 3 PM and will take place until 6 PM local time.



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