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Pokemon Go News — Lots Of Events To Happen In February

Last year marked some best records when it came to earnings for Pokemon Go. The Pokemon Company encountered significant periods, describing 2019 as one of the highest-grossing. Currently, users will enjoy more events, upgrades, and rewards, starting this month.

Even if February is one of the shortest months, Pokemon gets ready to introduce a bunch of new stuff. February 1st, for example, brought a significant change. We’re going to witness Woobat replacing Lapras as the Research Breakthrough bonus.

The Psychic/Flying Pokemon got an evolved shape, dubbed Swoobat. And if you choose to catch one, you will receive extra candies. Also, remember that the Voting Day for the upcoming Community Day Pokemon will happen on February 1st, as well.

February will introduce Tornadus, the Cyclone Pokemon. As for the Flying-type, it will come as the new Heatran on February 4. The Incarnate Forme Tornadus may make a glorious appearance, but developers didn’t tell if it will be Incarnate Forme or the Therian.

As typically, February brings the most Pokemon Go events

On February 4, as well, we’ll get a new type of community event, dubbed “Community Day Lite. Users can witness an unexpected Pokemon to appear more frequently in the wild, from 6 pm to 7 pm. At such an event, players won’t get any other exclusive moves, bonuses, or shiny versions to catch. The Mysterious Pokemon is still unknown.

Later on, from 6 pm to 7 pm on February 6, each trainer will receive a one-hour special bonus. February 7 arrives as celebrating Sinnoh Pokemon. Also, the raids and the wild will turn into an area full of creatures from the Sinnoh. Players should watch for those 7 km eggs that will also bring rare Pokemon from that area, especially Riolu and Gible. Pink Pokemon will open on the 14th of February, from 8 am to February 17 at 10 pm.

Moreover, for those who love shiny Pokemon, you can catch two new shiny ones, Chansey and Happiny. There will be, unfortunately, a raid day featuring Body Slam and Lickitung on February 15. Players can also unlock A Professor’s Work is Never Done if they are up to date to their Go Rocket Special Research.

The month will close with the friendship weekend event, where users will receive a bunch of friend-related awards. So, friendship levels will reach higher levels quicker, bringing extra candy on trades, and 40 gifts/day. It seems that February will be a hectic month, with even more engaged players. Pokemon Go succeeds once again to impress us and rewards us with sleek events.



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