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Pokemon Go Was Updated to Make It Fun While in Lockdown

Now that we are dealing with the outbreak of COVID-19, the new coronavirus, which has been declared a global pandemic, Niantic managed to make it Pokemon Go fun again. The game had great potential ever since the beginning. It was the closest way for a trainer to get the real feeling of finding and battling Pokemon in the real world. But now we cannot leave our houses, due to the lockdown, but the creators made the game perfect for quarantine. Now, it is fun again to play the game again. And do not worry, you do not need to interact with others.

In the beginning, you would have to walk around and find Pokemon. You were asked to move around your city in order to find them, then to catch them. But the game got repetitive and even more complicated than it used to be.

So it turns out that it is fun again to play it, and here is why

The features that we all enjoy became way too much at some point. All you had to do was simply to walk around and try to capture Pokemon, get Pokeballs, and spin Pokestops.

But given the COVID-19 pandemic, we cannot leave our houses anymore. So Niantic came with an update, and they made a lot of changes, which allow the game to be more social, without actually leaving the house.

Pokemon GO still works with GPS-centric features, and it gives you rewards for walking around. It might be a good idea to walk around your house since we know that all you’re doing is work and watching Netflix in front of a computer all day. You can do some exercise by walking around, and you don’t need to interact with others.






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