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Pokemon Sword & Shield Lacks Cloud Saves

Pokemon Sword and Shield is currently the most expected game on Nintendo Switch. Among its features and content, the game won’t have a cloud saving option. The news resurfaced recently after some games’ arrival in the eShop. The Cloud Saving couldn’t be seen on the menu.

Nintendo vs. the Online Environment

Nintendo built for itself quite a reputation for not understanding how things work on the Internet. Users reported how Nintendo’s online services miss out on basic options or are developed in old-fashioned ways. Adding a friend, for example, requires a not-so-friendly step, users must introduce a 14-digit code. Another example is the cloud saving option. Nintendo couldn’t manage to implement this feature. Developers claimed that cloud saving couldn’t be added for all games, because it will encourage users to use cheats.

Moreover, Nintendo’s decision to not add the feature influenced the gameplay. Players won’t be able anymore to get back their traded items, or reacquire lost points/ranks in online games. Developers couldn’t come with a solution for their ‘cheat issue’, so they left things unresolved, and users disappointed.

Why is Cloud Saving So Important?

Switch Lite is out now, and a feature such as a cloud saving is essential. Imagine how frustrating it will be for users who got their Switch Lite, and they also have a regular Switch. When they want to play Pokemon Sword and Shield on both, they’ll encounter a problem. To copy games from one device to another manually, it’ll give you a major headache. Moreover, some people purchased a Switch Online for a cloud save option, and they’ll be very disappointed to find out they’ll not receive what they paid for.

Nintendo remains, however, one of the most controversial companies, being guilty of permanent fraudulent copyright claims on YouTube videos and more others. Now, it seems that Nintendo is losing big time at the ‘stay relevant’ game. Until new details and official information, we wait patiently.



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