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Pokémon TCG Tips for Beginners

Pokémon TCG is one of the most popular trading card games out there, so here is a helpful tips guide for new players:

Understanding the Rules

If you are familiar with the digital games, then the concept is similar, but there are, of course, lots of things to learn before you can start playing the TCG. Start out by reading the rulebook and a beginner’s guide, as this will give you all the information you need to start playing. You will need 60 or more cards before you can play, as a deck comprises of 60 cards. Your deck should include a balance of trainer cards, Pokémon cards and energy cards, roughly 20 of each.

Building a Starter Deck

Don’t worry about building a strong competitive deck to begin with, just build one with your favorite Pokémon in first. Whilst you might have plans to compete with other friends or players, as you start to learn the basics of the game, it can be more fun to experiment with different cards and find out which ones are your favorites. It is recommended that you start with a starter deck as a new player so that you have all you need to learn the game. Damage counters, a playmat and a rulebook can be very useful when starting out. As you get used to playing, you will better understand what makes a good deck and which Pokémon you enjoy playing with and can begin putting together decks for different scenarios. You can slowly build up your decks as you collect more cards in order to create stronger decks.

Collecting Cards

There are lots of ways to collect cards, from buying them new in-store or from buying them vintage and second-hand. Some cards can come with a high price tag and be extremely valuable; some people collect cards as a hobby rather than to play with. Booster boxes allow you to acquire cards for deck types much easier as boxes tend to have a higher chance of getting the cards you need. Japanese imports of new booster boxes can help you to get a head start on upcoming tournaments, as the Japanese cards are released earlier than the translated cards. Nin-Nin-Game sells Japanese Pokémon TCG card packs and boxes, so this is the easy way to order them. Getting Japanese sets means getting the cards early, which can be beneficial if you want to play competitively or if you just want to collect cards faster.

Taking Care of Cards

After spending money on your new cards, you will want to take good care of them. You can buy books to keep your cards in and display them all neatly, as well as individual deck shields. These plastic card sleeves will help protect your cards from smudges, grease and bacteria whilst you play with them. It is an additional cost, but well worth it to keep your cards safe and in good condition. Some cards are extremely valuable, so if you are playing with old cards, be sure to check their worth. It is also good manners to ask before touching another player’s cards, most players will be happy to let you look at their cards, but you should be respectful of them and treat them carefully.

Finally, and possibly most importantly, playing Pokémon TCG is about having fun and remembering good sportsmanship. Playing should be entertaining for both parties and a pleasant experience. Pokémon TCG is a great game suitable for players of many different ages and is one of the most popular TCG games out there. There are many fans of the Pokémon franchise and lots of different kinds of players, so treat them all respectfully and remember to have fun playing!



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