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ProRes RAW Gets Support for Windows 10

Apple is known for its exclusiveness. Most of the Apple services are restricted to the company’s products. If you are an iPhone owner, then you probably experienced the difference between connecting your phone to an Apple PC or a different brand. Look at the Final Cut Pro X and iMovie services, for example. You can’t find them on the Windows operating system. In fact, you can’t find these services on any other platform. However, it looks like Apple is slowly changing its approach, at least as regarding ProRes RAW.

Let’s talk about the ProRes service from Apple. It comes in handy in terms of video formats, and it has many uses. Users really prefer to use the ProRes instead of other compression systems. The thing about ProRes RAW is that it shoots loss-less footage on select cameras. However, this service is available for Mac editors only.

Apple ProRes RAW Receives Support for Windows 10

The news has it that the company has come up with ideas to make the ProRes RAW available on Windows. Apple has released a beta version that is compatible with the Windows software. This means great news for the PC editors! This is a nice change. You can download the Beta version from the Apple support page. However, the version for testers is available for four applications:

  • Adobe After Effects (Beta)
  • Adobe Media Encoder (Beta)
  • Adobe Premiere Pro (Beta)
  • Adobe Premiere Rush (Beta)

We think this is a good step for Apple. They have been restricting their services since forever, so a bit of more room for the non-Apple users is very welcomed. Even if the company plan is to attract more users to join their products, it is good for the rest of us to have a taste of their services. The Apple ecosystem is very closed. It is time for them to open the gates.



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