PS5 and Xbox Scarlett – Latest Leaks and Information

In recent weeks a lot of information related to the PS5 and Xbox Scarlett has started to surface, answering some of the questions related to the devices. There are several great games in development for the current generation, but many are looking forward to the upcoming consoles.

Below you can find a brief comparison that contains all the information that is currently available.

Release date

Both companies have announced that the consoles will be released during the 2020 holiday season.


The price remains an enigma at this point, but some analyst argues that both consoles will be more expensive due to the costly parts which are used in the manufacturing process.

Disk tray

While some gamers may prefer the all-digital concept, PS5 and Xbox Scarlett will offer disc drives that can read optical discs with a maximum capacity of 100GB and 4K Blu-ray content.


Sony has already promised support for 4K and  8K resolutions accompanied by a 120hz refresh rate. Xbox Scarlett will pack native support for 4K, which could be a big advantage in the case of some games. A maximum of 120 FPS is also mentioned, a trait that could be quite attractive for players who love fluid games.

Storage space

The classic HDD will be swapped with high-performance SSD storage solutions, which promise an increased performance and shorter load times.


Sony and Microsoft have opted to use custom GPU and CPU solutions manufactured by AMD. Both CPUs will sport eight cores while an AMD Radeon RDNA Navi will handle graphics. The PS5 has an advantage as it also offers built-in support for 3D audio. Xbox Scarlett will use GDDR6 RAM, but the amount remains unknown.

Backward compatibility

In an attempt to appease disgruntled fans, the PS5 will offer backward compatibility for PSVR and PlayStation 4.  Xbox Scarlett will be compatible with a selection of titles released for all the previous models and select accessories.

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