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PS5 Controllers Reported to Read Players’ Heart Rate

There were numerous patents for Sony‘s next-generation PlayStation 5 showing up from all over the places in the last few months. The upcoming gaming console is expected to be released soon, packing numerous upgrades and brand new features no console has yet had.

A new patent has recently appeared, and it showcases the design and technology PS5 controllers could feature. The leak suggests that the new controllers will be able to measure the heart rate, as well as read players’ biometric data through their hands.

The gaming studio could use this information as feedback as it can accurately describe the emotional state of the gamer while playing, or determine their fondness towards a character. While this definitely sounds intriguing, Sony is yet to officially confirm the release date of the new gaming console. There is also no information on whether the new controllers will be called DualShock 5.

PlayStation Now is Rumored to Launch in India

At the moment, we only know that the next-generation device’s controllers will feature USB-C charging, as well as an upgraded battery support. It will also pack haptic feedback in order to make the gaming experience more exciting and immersive.

In addition, Sony is also getting ready to soon launch its PlayStation Now subscription service in India. The service enables users to stream games on their PS4 and PC as well. Because it is a cloud-based functionality, subscribers do not need to concern themselves with storing the titles on a hard drive as everything is placed in the cloud.

Even though the gaming studio has yet to announce more details about the service, there have been numerous rumors that suggest PlayStation Now will definitely appear on the Indian market as well. When it comes to the price, currently, the service is available for $9.99 per month and $24.99 per four months. The annual subscription plan costs $59.99.

This PlayStation Now service enables access to more than 800 PS4, PS3, as well as PS2 games.



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