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PS5: Latest Leaks Show Two Consoles and Their Controllers, but Are They the Real Deal?

PS5 is leaked everywhere on the internet. We found yet another image of the PlayStation 5 development kit online. It can be found on Twitter, where a user posted a photo. The caption is “PS5 anyone?”.

The photo from Twitter shows two PS5 development kits, which are placed one next to the other, but there is no official confirmation that they are actually the official PS5s. we need to keep in mind that their appearance is similar to the other images that have leaked, and it also looks the same with the Sony design patent that made its appearance online this year.

Tom Warren from The Verge also wrote a post saying that these truly are the development kits. He also wanted to explain that their design was this one because they wanted to make it easier for developers to work during stress tests.

These kits do not show the console’s final design, so these images should not be a sign of what we will get from Sony when the PS5 launches at the end of 2020. And we think it’s such a shame because the V-shape of the development kits is really something different.

We cannot make a big deal out of the photo, even if some people suggested that we might actually be seeing a pair of DualShock 5 prototypes. We cannot say for sure yet, since the latest patent leak we’ve seen shows that the PS5 controller is similar to the DualShock 4 when it comes to their appearances. But it looks like the most visible controller from the photo does not have a light strip on the top, which matches the description of the patent. But we do need an official confirmation from Sony because, without it, we cannot be sure of anything.




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