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PS5 Release Date Remains During The Holidays 2020, Despite The Coronavirus Outbreak

Sony came with a change for the new PS5 that gives users the possibility to buy the product sooner than they’ve expected, but some reports said that the launch may be delayed because of the coronavirus alert. Even though this crisis (coronavirus) can affect the users, the site is fully updated and can be used but it doesn’t offer any details about the price.

After last week when Sony had a pre-recorded keynote via YouTube, it turned out that the fans were not very satisfied, and the event was a big disappointment because no one couldn’t get any information about the console’s launch.

Also, Sony didn’t divulge any release date or pricing information, neither the console’s design. This action was frustrating for those present at this event. At the same time, some rumors say that PS5 may have some delays due to the coronavirus crisis.

Sony still plans to launch PS5 during the Holidays 2020

The only thing that Sony showed at this meeting was a “screenshot” with the logo and the eventual releasing date holidays 2020. They have made some changes to the logo by using a different font, one who is larger and more appealing.

Those improvements made regarding the logo’s font can say that Sony will not make any plan changes for the future and that they will launch their product, even if one of the biggest disasters from the last century is foreseen.

To be honest, I don’t think that the launch will affect the people who will want to buy the PS5 console, they don’t really have to go and buy it physically, they can do that online. It’s much safer and less dangerous and they will have no contact with nobody.

After this event and the changes that Sony has made, there is still a big risk that the PS5 launching date can be canceled, and I must recognize that for me this is less concerning than the fact that we are fighting with this virus. I think that for many people, the most important thing is to stay safe and make supplies for de days that are coming



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