PS5 vs. Nintendo Switch Pro vs. Xbox X – Release Dates and Prices

Are you planning to buy a new console at the end of the year? Then you most likely are confused and don’t know what to choose between the Nintendo Switch Pro, PS5 or Xbox X.

It’s expected to see all the three consoles be launched before the end of the current year, so the wait is almost over!

Sony, Nintendo, and Microsoft revealed necessary information regarding the performance, specifications, and overall experience their next-gen consoles will provide.

Nintendo put a strong emphasis on portability and flexible gaming on the go. Sony is famous for its vast gaming library, and the Games With Gold option from Microsoft makes their console a smart choice too.

Release Dates

It was confirmed that all three systems would be released this year. We expect to see Nintendo’s console be launched first.

It’s expected to see all the three systems be released between 20 to 31 December.


The most affordable next-gen system is the Nintendo Switch, which is predicted to cost $400, followed by the PS5 at $499, and Xbox X, at $550.

However, keep in mind that none of those prices were confirmed so that the actual numbers might vary.

A Short Comparison

Here are a few unique aspects of each console:

Nintendo Switch Pro

The Switch pro will feature increased storage capacity in the form of a 64GB solid-state drive. The CPU / GPU will be an NVIDIA Tegra Xavier.

The standard video output will be 1920 x 1080, FullHD at 60fps.

Xbox X

The CPU of the Xbox X will; be an AMD Ryzen Zen 2, and the GPU will be AMD Navi-based GPU (outputting about 12 TFLOPs). The RAM will be GDDR6 SDRAM, though the capacity is yet unknown, and the console’s storage will happen on an NVMe SSD.


The PS5 already looks like a winner – It will pack AMD’s third-gen Ryzen line, eight cores of the new 7nm Zen 2 architecture and 16 threads working at 3.2 GHz, according to actual predictions.

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