PS5 vs. Xbox Series X Next-Gen Wars – Sony Might Destroy Microsoft In Terms Of Sales!

It’s hard to determine whether the public will prefer the PS5 or the Xbox Series X when it comes to next-gen consoles, but the supply chain appears to indicate that Sony might be the winner.

Currently, electronics developers in Taiwan approximate that Sony plans to produce 120 million PS5 consoles over the upcoming five years.

If that is true, the PS5 will beat the PS4 in sales, which sold in 110 million units over seven years.


The data comes from Digitimes, a Taiwanese publication that analyzes the business of electronic supply chains.

According to the publication, the data originates from “sources of [Sony’s] backend supply chain in Taiwan,” which sounds a bit ambiguous.

However, the publication is exceptionally devoted to the data it publishes, as they are very fact-oriented. Therefore, the report is worth taking seriously.

There are two crucial takeaways from the report – Sony aims to manufacturer 120 million PS5 consoles over the upcoming half of a decade.

The second aspect is that, according to the same source, Microsoft plans to produce only half as many Xbox Series X consoles in the same interval.


Some believe that the report doesn’t display a realistic estimate because of a straightforward reason: The PS4 has sold fewer units than what the company supposedly plans for the PS5.

However, if the next-gen system manages to deliver an experience that appeals to a broader demographic, they might manage to achieve that goal.

Also, the decreased rivalry from Microsoft might be another factor that could facilitate that target.

After all, Microsoft is Sony’s direct rival when it comes to gaming consoles. If the rival company plans to sell half as many consoles as Sony does, their chances of success are higher.

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