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PUBG Mobile: 4 Tips to Keep in Mind While Playing the Game

Do you want to win match after match on PUBG Mobile? We are here to help you with the best 4 tips out there.

Always look at the map

Sometimes it gets easier to simply lose the track of time when you’re looting houses in the game. It is essential to keep an eye on the map. In the upper right corner of the screen, there’s the icon of the map. It will allow you to see where you need to be in order to survive to the end. Try to be inside the playing area – which is the white circle. Keep in mind that the circle will keep shrinking. When the game begins, you will have more than enough time to go inside the circle, even if you land away from it.

Make sure that you will keep an eye on the blue zone, which is the one surrounding the main play area. This one keeps shrinking, as well. And you get caught outside the blue zone, you can say goodbye to your health even faster than before until you get inside of it.

The map will also show you the nearby gunfire. This means that you’ll know at all times from which direction an opponent is coming towards you. You will see their footsteps on the map.

You will also see some red zones which come as an alert for upcoming bombing streak.

Always use grenades

When you are going looking for things in houses, like weapons and ammo, make sure you also get grenades and Molotov cocktails. Smoke grenades will help you create a diversion, and frag grenades will get you dir of enemies who are on the upper floors of a building. Molotov cocktails are great – and deadly.

Make the most out of vehicles

When you traverse a map in PUBG Mobile, you might see that it is quite challenging. There are big maps, such as Erangel. There are many types of vehicles, placed all over the map, so it might be easier to just choose one and drive where you need to go. But keep in mind, at all times, that other players will get alerted when you ride a vehicle, so make sure you use it wisely. Also, there are boats sometimes in the game, but the road might not be the fastest one, so make sure you also plan your route.

Pick where to land

When you choose the classic map – playing either as a team or solo – make sure you don’t land where everybody does. There’s a chance you might get killed when you arrive. If you choose the Erangel map, certain places, such as the Military Base, School, Pochinki, and Hospital, are the most common places where players land, because there are a lot of weapons to be looted. These places are all of the high risks.

It might be best to choose the outskirts of the entire map. We know you won’t find much loot, but you will survive, and that’s essential in the game.





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