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PUBG Mobile: Best Tips for Beginners

The PUBG Mobile game is a very popular game that’s available for free in iOS and Android. And with the situation in the world right now, this is a very good way to spend time if you don’t have anything else to do at home.

Many of you are probably veterans already, but there are probably a lot of people who just tried it, and they thought it was fun. If you are one of these new players, then we are here to help you with this matter.

Looting is not a greedy thing

When you kill an opponent, it leaves a small loot box in the ground with useful things, such as ammo, weapons, which he or she has collected over the gameplay. So make sure you don’t break cover only to get the loot. Usually, the team of the opponent that you want to kill might be around, so you might get killed. It happens to a lot of players, and you don’t want it to happen to you.

When you’re not certain of a kill, then don’t do it

In this game, you can choose two routes of the gameplay. If you’re inside the play zone, and you have enough supplies, you can find a spot in a building and camp there. We know it won’t be exciting at first, but it might be for the best, and it can be really fun to pick off enemies one at a time when they approach you. Take the shot only if the opponent is within the range, and if you are sure that the gun is good for the job. We see no point in firing a shotgun at someone that’s far away, you will probably not hit the target.

Get to know the on-screen controls

Before you start playing, you might want to learn the basic controls. Also, the first few matches should not be about winning, but about learning how to play. Eventually, you will learn where the buttons are, and you won’t have to look every single time at the controller.

Also, if you do not like the default controls, then you can choose from three preset controls, or you can customize them. You can move the on-screen buttons around and modify their sizes.

Always keep in touch with your team

In this game, you will need to play as a team. It’s very important to communicate with your teammates. You might find an item that one of your teammates needs, so it is best to keep talking. This will bring you the winning title.

Also, keep in mind that the compass from the top of the screen is very useful. It informs your squad about the direction from which you have heard gunfire. It also shows you where enemies went. And even if you die, it might be best to stick around for the match, because you might see something that your teammates didn’t.




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