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PUBG Mobile Has a Big Surprise for Us and We’re Excited!

PUBG Mobile has recently added the first upgradable outfit: Golden Pharoah X-Suit. The new outfit has been combined with the latest update, that brings us the Ancient Secret game mode. Of course, there are many variations of the Golden Pharoah X-Suit. And it’s good to know that some elements of the outfit are inspired by the historical aspects and some by the future.

The outfit has three variants: basic, advanced, and one last form. The ancient game mode went live in PUBG Mobile, and there are some new features available.

PUBG Mobile has posted a tweet in which they said that the Golden Fera X-Suite is the game’s first upgradeable outfit, so does this mean there will be another suit coming to the game?

The Golden Pharoah X-Suit takes part from the Ancient Secret game mode, which we get with the Erangel and Miramar maps. They float in the sky at a particular time, and then they disappear.

You can get a suit by opening the crate during the event at PUBG Mobile, or you can get it from the lucky draw, that will be available until de 11th of September. If you’re looking for more information on the matter, PUBG Mobile has posted a video on its official website.

Keep in mind that the Golden Pharoah X-Suite comes with incredible rewards that you can get by opening the Farah crates – that, until the 13th  August.

This one is part of the Ancient Secret Mode. The Floating Temple has been added to the game. With this one, you can receive Epic loot.

There’s also a puzzle that has been added to the maps. If you solve it, then you can get great loot. There are a slate puzzle and a new boss fight that happens inside the floating temple.



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