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PUBG Mobile Lite Update 0.17.0: Here’s What You Should Do to Get the Mythic Rarity Outfit

PUBG fans on Android and iOS are happier than ever. There’s another PUBG Mobile Lite update going live. This event comes together with the new PUBG Mobile Season 13 Royale Pass. The Royale Pass is available from today, the 13th of May. In the Season 13 Royale Pass, he Carton Rangers is opened for players, which are now free to join the squad. Those of you who manage to unlock the Royale Pass Season 13 are able to choose between Ice Ranger or Fire Ranger at Level 5 and get the Ultra Defender Set at Rank 100.

Players will be able to finish the Toy Mastery of the Puppet Agent series in order to unlock more items. Or you can create a squad and make progress in special missions. Play with your friends in order to complete them faster.

Keep in mind that the The Puppet Agent outfit comes in three forms. You can mix and match them, but players need to reach the highest rank in order to upgrade the outfit and get the mythic rarity one.

Also, the RP mission reminders which appear on the result page now have a new design. This thing makes it easier for players to see their progress in a mission. And the reminders are now placed at he beginning and the end of the season.

What are some new features for Royale Pass Season 13?

New Challenge Series

Players are able to unlock upgrades to their outfits if they complete the oy Mastery and Puppet Agent series special missions.

Puppet Agent

This outfit comes in three separate forms, and players can upgrade it to Mythic rarity, as stated above.

Bug fixes

The team behind the game has fixed some bugs found in the tutorial guides.

Notifications changed their place

All the RP mission reminders are not on the result page – it is way easier for players to see their mission progress.




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