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PUBG Mobile: Tips to Stay Alive Until the End of the Game

PlayerUnknown’s Battleground for mobile – PUBG Mobile, is a very popular open-world survival shooter game, which is available for players both on iOS and on Android. It’s an all-time favorite. Players spend a lot of time on this game every day, and we think it is the perfect way to waste some time and to relax. Get your friends and play all day long.

And since the pandemic is still happening, we are sure that many of you have downloaded the app for the very first time. Your friends might have asked you, or you were just curious. Either way, we are here to help you if you are at the beginning of the road. We will help you survive until the end of the game.

Play with the graphics in Settings

When you first open the app, the game will choose the best graphics on the game by default –  it depends on the processor and the RAM of your phone. But if the game does not work smoothly, you can reduce it even more. In order to do so, go to Settings, then to Graphics, and change it the way you want to. If you lower one or both of these, you should get a smoother gameplay. We know that it won’t look good with he lower settings, but the gameplay will surely be smoother, and this is what it matters for a better experience in the game.

Use headphones at all times

Sound is essential when it comes to surviving the game. You might want to use a pair of wired headphones since it makes it easier to sense the direction in which an enemy is approaching. It’s also good for when you need to talk to your teammates. If you do have amazing speakers on your phone, then there’s no need for headphones, but make sure you get a pair if the speakers don’t help you that much.

Bluetooth earphones are also a right choice, but make sure they have low latency, so you won’t have to deal with delays between the actions in the game and the sound you hear.

Choosing weapons is very important in the game

You get a pistol from the very beginning. Besides that, you have two slots for the other two main weapons, so make sure you choose them carefully. You might want to get one gun that’s good for close to medium range shots, and one for long-range shots. The best weapons in the game are an assault rifle like the M416, AKM, or SCAR-L. Keep in mind that the M416 has a high rate of fire, and it is compatible with most of the attachments, and also it does not have a lot of recoils.

For the long-range shots, you might want to get a sniper rifle, like the VSS or SKS. But if you do not find one, look for a high-zoom scope and put it to a second assault rifle. Also, make sure that these two weapons have different bullet types.







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