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PUBG Receives A New Map Dubbed As Karakin

In recent years gaming has become a hit among many people from all over the world. Millions play video games on a variety of devices, with consoles and PCs being the most popular ones.

One of the genres that dominated gaming in recent years is battle royale. The genre surfaced in the past, but it was brought into the limelight by PUBG, the standalone version of a popular mod developed for the hardcore military shooter ARMA III.

PUBG gained a strong following since it was released on Steam as an early-access title, and it continues to attract players each day.

A constant stream of updates contributed to the popularity of the game as the developers continued to add fresh content. Players have enjoyed a variety of new maps, weapons, and cosmetic items. According to a statement released by PUBG Corp, a new map is being developed for the title.

Karakin is the new PUBG map

Karakin is the smallest map for the game, and it will also be the most intense one. It offers a small desert island with a 2×3 size.

To put things into perspective, Sanhok is twice as big. The smaller size of the map will limit the number of maximum players to 64 instead of the default 100. However, it should offer an intense gameplay experience as it packs elusive underground passageways, a wealth of mountains, and several small cities.

A new hazard will be introduced in the form of Black Zones. In a fashion similar to Red Zones, they will appear randomly across the map and a hail of missiles will strike the highlighted areas.

They are strong enough to damage and destroy some buildings, removing a lot of cover and camping areas as the match takes place. The feature will be exclusive to Karakin for now. Players will also have the option to explore Breach Points, which can be accessed with the new Sticky Bombs.



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