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Radioactive Allosaurus Skull Fossil Led To New Discovery About Dinosaurs

The new species discovered is called Allosaurus, and it was one of the fiercest predators that lived during the Late Jurassic, long before T-Rex’s appearance.

Allosaurus is a theropod (carnivorous) dinosaur with an average length of 8.5 m that lived in the Late Jurassic. Its name comes from the Greek language, from the words sarus / σαυρος, which means strange lizard or reptile. This name was given to him because he had different vertebrae than the other dinosaurs discovered until then. There were three different species of this dinosaur.

Allosaurus was a bipedal carnivore, known as the most powerful predator in North America 145-155 million years ago. Even if those areas were then populated with giant herbivores like Apatosaurus, Diplodocus, or Camarasaurus due to the climate and vegetation much more favorable for life now (the Sahara Desert being non-existent), all of them were a possible prey for Allosaurus. Also, the same fate could have Stegosaurus or Camptosaurus.

New Discoveries Were Made Thanks to a New Radioactive Allosaurus Skull Fossil

Allosaurus was one of the largest theropods, having a massive skull, a short neck (characteristic of carnivores), and a long tail. Most known specimen: Allosaurus fragilis was 8.5 meters (30 feet) long, and the largest specimen was 9.7 meters (32 feet).

The mass of the dinosaur also differs from one specimen to another, reaching from one ton to 4, but it is clearly stated that the normal weight of an adult is 1100 kg (1.1 tons). Dinosaurs far too large in this species have led to the formation of a new one over time: Saurophaganax, which was 10.9 m (36 feet) long.

Epanterias was larger, but it is not known about this specimen, which the dinosaur mentioned above represents. The skull and teeth are modest for therapies of his size. His skeleton shows similarities to birds, as to other dinosaurs from the same suborder.



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