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Rainbow Siege: Operation Void Edge Comes With a Reworked Map

Rainbow Siege‘s new season has finally been released by the publisher, and it comes with numerous amazing additions. Operation Void Edge doesn’t bring new maps but reworked one, currently, to be found in Oregon.

Two operators have also come to the game, Iana, and Oryx, and changes to existing operators have also been made. Some changes include the replacement of Castle’s M45 secondary weapon with Super Shorty, which makes him more feasible to open the site, and Frost gets a Holo on her primary gun. In addition, Lesion receives a large nerf, whose Gu mines will be invisible, reducing the amount of incoming intel. Also, Twitch‘s F2 has enhanced recoil now, and her drone got three charges that refill during a round.

We are going to mention the map rework only, but the rest of the changes can be found here.

The Map Rework: Oregon

Map changes keep appearing in the game, but now as Operation Void Edge was released, it is Oregon’s turn to get enhanced. There are big tweaks coming with the update, but they come in small packs, so you’ll be able to clearly recognize the map while you get used to the balancing.

The map has an updated look, most regions are more open and structured, and you also get new points of access and rotation. Big Tower is now directly connected to Kitchen via Kitchen Corridor, and a new place in the basement, dubbed Freezer, takes you to the first floor via Freezer Stairs.

Other access point tweaks include the annihilation of the door between Kitchen and Bathroom Corridor – now called Security Corridor – and the point taking you to the Dining Hall from the outside has been replaced by a link between Dining Hall and Small Tower. More changes include Attic, which now opens into Dorm Hall with a doorway, and doesn’t have a ladder down to Meeting Hall anymore.

These changes make rotation easier and safer for both defenders and attackers. There have been implemented more breakable walls in the map and some other tweaks that can be found in the official description of the season.

Finally, the Terrorist Hunt playlist has been renamed to Training Grounds, and Terrorist Hunt Classic is now known as Elimination to showcase what the game mode players can expect when trying out the modes.



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