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Redmi Is Planning on Launching a 5G Smartphone, and Its Price Is Mind-Blowing

The Chinse manufacturer, Redmi, announced on the 12th of May that the company is planning on releasing a new smartphone series, the Redmi K30 5G Racing Edition. In addition to this, the company is also planning on releasing an additional device with 5G technology incorporated. Lu Weibing, the general manager of Redmi, has announced the company’s intention to release additional devices for its fans.

In addition to this, the product director, Wang Teng, has declared that the upcoming devices will feature the MediaTek Dimensity 800 5G SoC shortly. The chipset is MediaTek’s dual-mode 5G SoC, which is designed for the mid-range market and will probably be part of the Redmi Note series.

The upcoming device will probably be amongst the cheapest devices that include the Dimensity 800 SoC. Even though the leaks and rumors are suggesting that the chipset will be included in the upcoming Note series, there has not been reported any official name of the device. The sources are suggesting that the technology will probably be available for either Note 10 or Note 9 series.

Moreover, the upcoming device will probably be available in both Pro versions and standard versions. Therefore, the standard device will feature Dimensity 800, while the Pro version will be available with the Dimensity 800+ SoC.

At the moment, Xiaomi is selling its K30 5G Racing Edition for a price of $282, and therefore the price for the Redmi Note series will probably start from $282 as well. Should the release bring this price tag, it will be the start of affordable 5G technology for the customers.

We are not sure whether the upcoming Redmi series will come on the market having 5G technology, and there is no knowing if the device will also be re-branded, offering a cheaper model to the fans. What is clear is that the Chinese manufacturer is serious about its intentions to release a 5G smartphone with a budget-friendly image.



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