Researchers Learned More About the Humming Noises Detected Across the World

A large number of seismic signals were detected by earthquake monitoring agencies across the world in May and June 2018. The signals generated a strange humming sound and some signals that were detected in November 2018 lasted for up to 20 minutes.

Many researchers were fascinated by both the signals and the humming sound. A team of scientists conducted a study that strived to explain what happens and it appears that the formation of a new underwater volcano played an important role.

The earthquakes took place around the island of Mayotte, which is located in the Indian Ocean, in one of the Comoros archipelagoes. Over 7,000 tectonic earthquakes were detected during the study. This type of earthquake will take place when the tectonic plates get stuck when they move alongside one another. The sheer pressure which forces them to move will power the earthquakes. The most intense ones reached a magnitude of 5.9 in May 2018.

Scientist solved the mystery of the humming noises detected around the world

The study also mentioned that 407 Very Long Period Signals (or VLPs) were identified. The signals are harmonic and low and can be compared with the sounds generated by a double bass or a big bell. Due to a significant length of 20 to 30 minutes, the signals could be detected from a distance of hundreds of miles.

Close observations revealed that the earthquakes and the signals could be traced to a location situated at a distance of 22 miles from the eastern coast of the island. There were no signs of volcanic activity in the area, but magmatic processes seemed to be a likely culprit.

A lowering of the island indicated that the earthquakes were linked to intense activities. With the help of new seismological methods, the researchers learned that magma released from a reservoir managed to flow and start the formation of a new underwater volcano in an interesting area. The study was published in a scientific journal.

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  1. I leave in Kanata (ottawa) .

    Inside my house, you can ear that humming noise pretty clearly. Not 24 hrs a day, but very often. As soon as you get into the house, the sound ..low frequencies, is very intense. I tried almost everything to detect where the sound come from because it is very difficult to deal with. I shut down the main breaker, but the humming sound still here.
    If you want to ear it… let me know. You will be amaze..

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