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Resident Evil 3 – Nemesis Change Suggests RE4 Connection

The Nemesis is one of the most representative enemies of the Resident Evil franchise and a central aspect of Resident Evil 3.

For the remake of Resident Evil 3, Capcom decided to keep the Nemesis unaltered from the original game.

However, one change will be made, and that is about the monster’s origins – A recent interview revealed that Capcom would tie the origins of the Nemesis to Resident Evil 4.

The Interview

The interview between Tim Turi from PlayStation and some of the development staff of RE3 elaborated on the subject of the Nemesis. The development staff said that the Nemesis was granted the power of infecting zombies with parasites thanks to the Ganado from Resident Evil 4. The Ganado, as you might remember, are affected by the Las Plagas parasite.

The team of developers said that the NE parasite of Resident Evil 3 was a product of Umbrella meant to mimic the Plagas parasite of Resident Evil 4: “We wanted NE-a infected enemies to be visually similar to the Plagas-infected Ganados as a means for fans to piece together how Nemesis fits within the whole Resident Evil franchise.”

Effect On The Plot

Though Capcom tried to make the Nemesis integrate better with the plot of the franchise, the primary beneficiary of this change is Resident Evil 4, which now fits the narrative better.

Resident Evil 4 was a bit of an oddball – it was barely connected to other games in the series. The events in the game felt more like a standalone experience, avoiding the whole Umbrella conflict.

Reason For The Change

Capcom made a smart move. Explaining the origin of one of the franchise’s most representative enemies not only gives importance to a seemingly standalone game but settles the ground for the company’s plans.

That’s right; it is believed that Capcom is aiming to remake Resident Evil 4. The changes surrounding the Nemesis would have even more sense, wouldn’t they?



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