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Resident Evil 8 is Rumored to Debut Next Year

A few years have passed since the last game in the Resident Evil series was released. The last main title debuted back in 2017 in the form of Resident Evil 7, and the developer, Capcom, has been only releasing remakes and remasters ever since.

Still, if you’re looking forward to a brand new Resident Evil title, you may have to wait until next year. At least, that is what reliable leaker AestheticGamer or Dusk Golem says, claiming in a report that Resident Evil 8 is set to arrive in 2021. VGC has also since checked on these rumors with their sources and said that there might be some truth in them.

Dusk Golem has also unveiled some more details about the title, such as the fact that it will pack ‘huge changes’ and how it was allegedly not created to be a ‘main’ Resident Evil game.

As per the leaker, Resident Evil 8 is currently under development, but it was initially named Resident Evil: Revelations 3. Still, during the testing phase, the title was so incredibly well-received that the developer decided to transform it into a main game and rebrand it to Resident Evil 8.

We had earlier heard from other sources, but also from Dusk Golem that Capcom had initially canceled the variant of Resident Evil 8 that they were developing and rebooted the project in 2019. This is presumably based off on Revelations 3, as his tweet appears to say.

Other details about the forthcoming game also include the way it will be focusing on its first-person mode, something other sources have also reported for a while now. In any case, with a speculated 2021 release, we should get some more information about the game in the near future.

Until then, you can check out Resident Evil 3 Remake that just launched and is available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.



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