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Resident Evil 8: New Details Hit the Internet About the Release Date of the Game

Resident Evil 8 will be here sooner than expected, according to the latest reports online. 

A Twitter user called ChaoticClairewho is known to give accurate details about the upcoming Capcom’s survival horror series has given us a number of new information about the sequel on social media. She also told us a release date. However, her words left enough room for interpretation. 

According to the previous leaksthis one talks about Resident Evil 8’s VIILage, which is gonna be the 8th installment subtitle. We’re getting this from CV translationswhich makes some impressive claims about the seriesApparently, we’re going to deal with more occultist themes and body horror, an enemy in the game that is truly something else, with chains and incredible weapons and some zombie enemies with armors. 

 Sooner than expected, but what is this about? 

About the zombies, we’ve known for a while, but Claire has given us an important detail about the upcoming game: “sooner than expected.” We’re not sure if this comment is about the release date of the game or about something else. It might be possible to talk about the release date, but who knows for sure? 

However, if we are to think that Resident Evil 8 will hit the market before the early 2021 estimate, then Capcom might want to start giving fans details. The PlayStation 5 event from Sony, which has been delayed, is our gate towards official news about the next Capcom’s gamesso right now, we’re waiting for an official statement about the time at which the event will take place. 




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