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Rick and Morty: Release Dates and Plots for the Next Episodes

The release date for Rick and Morty Season 4 Episode 6 has been announced, and there’s also a new trailer that has been revealed by Adult Swim. Fans are already tired of waiting, and it has been four months previously.

Adult Swim has not really shared a lot of info about the new episodes. We don’t know the full schedule, the air date, the episode titles, or even some plot spoilers. But here is all we have heard so far.

When is the release date of the next episodes?

The trailer for Rick and Morty: The Other Five confirmed that new episodes would be here on Sunday, May 3, at 11:30 EST. There is no word about the full schedule of Part 2, but we estimate that new episodes will air every Sunday without delays. These are the possible dates for the next Rick and Morty episodes:

Episode 6 – Sunday, May 3

Episode 7 – Sunday, May 10

Episode 8 – Sunday, May 17

Episode 9 – Sunday, May 24

Episode 10 – Sunday, May 31

We do not know the titles yet, as they have not been revealed so far, but there is a high chance that the new trailers will come with the episode titles, as well. Adult Swim has released an exclusive trailer in order to share the episode names for episodes 1 to 5 for Season 4, last year.

What about the plot?

According to the writers, Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland, the possibilities of time travel are yet to be explored at a higher level.

The action could also include the return of Mr. Meeseeks, interdimensional cable 3, and, perhaps, the Citadel of Mortys. Episode 6 to Episode 10 will also come with more alien planets, and new ways to keep us connected to the story.



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