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Riverdale: Will Jughead and Betty Break up? All You Need to Know

If you’re a fan of the Archie Comics, then you’ll love this series. It’s relatively new, and the actors are very similar to the characters from the comic.

Riverdale is full of family drama, mystery, and murders. And kids in high school. The characters are built so they can help you better understand life. You’re not alone, and you’re not the only one trying to fit in.

Riverdale was produced by Warner Bros Television and CBS Television Studios. It was written by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa, Archie Comics, Maurice Coyne, and Louis Silberkleit. It was directed by Luke Perry, Rob Seidenglanz, Rachel Talalay, Allison Anders, and Jesse Warn. Before getting the 5th season, here is all you need to know about the first four.

Its IMDB rating is 7.0/10. You can watch it on Netflix and Amazon Prime. As of now, there are 76 episodes available.

What about the cast?

  • Jughead Jones – Cole Sprouse
  • Betty Cooper – Lili Reinhart
  • Archie Andrews – KJ Apa
  • Veronica Lodge – Camila Mendes
  •  Madelaine Petsch – Madelaine Petsch
  • Toni Topaz – Vanessa Morgan
  • Kevin Keller – Casey Cott
  • Fred Andrews – Luke Perry
  • F.P Jones – Skeet Ulrich
  • Josie Mccoy – Ashleigh Murray
  • Hermione Lodge – Marisol Nichols
  • Alice Cooper – Mädchen Amick
  • Reggie Mantle – Charles Melton
  • Hiram Lodge – Mark Consuelos
  • Mary Andrews – Molly Ringwald

4 seasons – 76 episodes.  Everything there is to know:

Season 1 – 13 episodes

  • Summary

From the very beginning, we meet Archie Andrews, Betty Cooper, Veronica Lodge, and Jughead Jones. Archer wants to pursue his passion for music. Veronica is new to town after her father went to jail. Jughead Jones makes himself unnoticeable, but his potential is big. Betty is the good girl who is way darker than you’d think.

Betty has a crush of Archie. But when she confesses to him, he tells her that he has been dating his music teacher, Miss Grundy. Rumors start to spread, and Miss Grundy is sent away. Archie starts dating Josie and then Valerie – members of the Pussycat band. After that, he starts dating Veronica.

The main idea of the season is the murder of Jason Blossom. Jughead and Betty try to solve the case together. They soon start dating. Jughead joins his father’s gang, and Betty finds herself questioning her choices.

In the season finale, we learn who killed Jason Blossom. His sister, Cheryl Blossom, burns the Blossom mansion and takes full control of the family affairs.

  • Episodes

S1E1 – Chapter One: “The River’s Edge”

S1E2 – Chapter Two: “A Touch of Evil”

S1E3 – Chapter Three: “Body Double”

S1E4 – Chapter Four: “The Last Picture Show”

S1E5 – Chapter Five: “Heart of Darkness”

S1E6 – Chapter Six: “Faster, Pussycats! Kill! Kill!”

S1E7 – Chapter Seven: “In a Lonely Place”

S1E8 – Chapter Eight: “The Outsiders”

S1E9 – Chapter Nine: “La Grande Illusion”

S1E10 – Chapter Ten: “The Lost Weekend”

S1E11 – Chapter Eleven: “To Riverdale and Back Again”

S1E12 – Chapter Twelve: “Anatomy of a Murder”

S1E13 – Chapter Thirteen: “The Sweet Hereafter

Season 2 – 22 episodes

  • Summary

This season starts where the first one left off. Fred, Archie’s dad, is rushed to the hospital, and he gets well. We meet Black Hood, the man who terrorizes Riverdale. As the season continues, we first learn that he is Mr. Svenson, but he eventually died.

People start dying because of Black Hood, and we learn his true identity. He goes to jail.

Chic, Betty’s supposed brother, moves in with the family. When he refuses to do a DNA test, Betty finds it weird. We get to learn more about Chic and the real brother of Betty.

Chery’s mom signs Cheryl up for the Sisters of Quiet Mercy. She goes through gay conversion therapy, but her friends manage to rescue her. She starts dating Toni.

Hiram gets in control of Riverdale, and Betty finds her mother and Chic trying to hide a body – a murder.

  • Episodes

S2E1 – Chapter Fourteen: “A Kiss Before Dying”

S2E2 – Chapter Fifteen: “Nighthawks”

S2E3 – Chapter Sixteen: “The Watcher in the Woods”

S2E4 – Chapter Seventeen: “The Town That Dreaded Sundown”

S2E5 – Chapter Eighteen: “When a Stranger Calls”

S2E6 – Chapter Nineteen: “Death Proof”

S2E7 – Chapter Twenty: “Tales from the Darkside”

S2E8 – Chapter Twenty-One: “House of the Devil”

S2E9 – Chapter Twenty-Two: “Silent Night, Deadly Night”

S2E10 – Chapter Twenty-Three: “The Blackboard Jungle”

S2E11 – Chapter Twenty-Four: “The Wrestler

S2E12 – Chapter Twenty-Five: “The Wicked and the Divine”

S2E13 – Chapter Twenty-Six: “The Tell-Tale Heart”

S2E14 – Chapter Twenty-Seven: “The Hills Have Eyes”

S2E15 – Chapter Twenty-Eight: “There Will Be Blood”

S2E16 – Chapter Twenty-Nine: “Primary Colors”

S2E17 – Chapter Thirty: “The Noose Tightens”

S2E18 – Chapter Thirty-One: “A Night to Remember”

S2E19 – Chapter Thirty-Two: “Prisoners”

S2E20 – Chapter Thirty-Three: “Shadow of a Doubt”

S2E21 – Chapter Thirty-Four: “Judgment Night”

S2E22 – Chapter Thirty-Five: “Brave New World”

Season 3 – 22 episodes

  • Summary

This season we learn about the Farm. The Sisters of Quiet Mercy invented a game called Griffins and Gargoyles in order to discipline people. The game soon turns into a series of murders and suicides all around the city. Archie goes to juvenile detention.

Betty’s mom joins the Farm. The leader of the cult is Edgar, and his wife, Evelyn, is pretending to be a student at Betty’s school. The Farm actually kills its members and harvest their organs. Then they take their bodies and promise the families that they will communicate with them spiritually. Cheryl finds Jason’s body and brings it to her home. Alice, Betty’s mom, was not actually under the spell; she was an FBI agent trying to find out more about it.

Betty wants to learn more about her dark side, so she starts visiting her dad in jail. He makes the team with Penelope – Cheryl’s mom – but Betty kills him.

Hiram and Hermione  -Veronica’s parents – are constantly fighting while trying to take over the town. Hiram had both the juvenile detention center and the Sisters of Quiet Mercy working for him. Hiram gets Hermione arrested after he accuses her of trying to kill him.

Jughead goes missing. Fred dies.

  • Episodes

S3E1 – Chapter Thirty-Six:”Labor Day”

S3E2 – Chapter Thirty-Seven: “Fortune and Men’s Eyes”

S3E3 – Chapter Thirty-Eight: “As Above, So Below”

S3E4 – Chapter Thirty-Nine: “The Midnight Club”

S3E5 – Chapter Forty: “The Great Escape”

S3E6 – Chapter Forty-One: “Manhunter”

S3E7 – Chapter Forty-Two: “The Man in Black”

S3E8 – Chapter Forty-Three: “Outbreak”

S3E9 – Chapter Forty-Four: “No Exit”

S3E10 – Chapter Forty-Five: “The Stranger”

S3E11 – Chapter Forty-Six: “The Red Dahlia”

S3E12 – Chapter Forty-Seven: “Bizarrodale”

S3E13 – Chapter Forty- Eight: “Requiem for a Welterweight”

S3E14 – Chapter Forty-Nine: “Fire Walk With Me”

S3E15 – Chapter Fifty: “American Dreams”

S3E16 – Chapter Fifty-One: “Big Fun”

S3E17 – Chapter Fifty-Two: “The Raid”

S3E18 – Chapter Fifty-Three: “Jawbreaker”

S3E19 – Chapter Fifty-Four: “Fear the Reaper”

S3E20 – Chapter Fifty-Five: “Prom Night”

S3E21 – Chapter Fifty-Six: “The Dark Secret of Harvest House”

S3E22 – Chapter Fifty-Seven: “Survive the Night”

Season  4 – 19 episodes

  • Summary

Betty and Archie have to pretend to be a couple in order to make everyone believe Jughead’s death. They also shared a true kiss in the garage. They end their thing and choose not to confess to their partners. Archie tells his mother that he wants to try for the naval academy.

We see how Betty burns the childhood diaries and, with them, all of the memories of Archie. She and Jughead join forces in order to solve murders. Everyone around the neighborhood gets a weird tape, and they need to find out what’s with them.

Jughead is going to another school, and we learn more about his experience there, with his new colleagues who don’t seem to like him too much. He starts writing, and he takes his inspiration from his real-life murder mysteries.

Veronica has her own business, and she goes against her dad. They both want to manufacture the best rum in the city. But as she starts to fail, she goes to her father. Cheryl doesn’t want to be Veronica’s partner anymore, and she chooses to leave the business.

  • Episodes

S4E1 – Chapter Fifty-Eight: “In Memoriam”

S4E2 – Chapter Fifty-Nine: “Fast Times at Riverdale High”

S4E3 – Chapter Sixty: “Dog Day Afternoon”

S4E4 – Chapter Sixty-One: “Halloween”

S4E5 – Chapter Sixty-Two: “Witness for the Prosecution”

S4E6 – Chapter Sixty-Three: “Hereditary”

S4E7 – Chapter Sixty-Four: “The Ice Storm”

S4E8 – Chapter Sixty-Five: “In Treatment”

S4E9 – Chapter Sixty-Six: “Tangerine”

S4E10 – Chapter Sixty-Seven: “Varsity Blues”

S4E11 – Chapter Sixty-Eight: “Quiz Show”

S4E12 – Chapter Sixty-Nine: “Man of Honor”

S4E13 – Chapter Seventy: “The Ides of March”

S4E14 – Chapter Seventy-One: “How to Get Away with Murder”

S4E15 – Chapter Seventy-Two: “To Die For”

S4E16 – Chapter Seventy-Three: “The Locked Room”

S4E17 – Chapter Seventy-Four: “Wicked Little Town”

S4E18 – Chapter Seventy-Five: “Lynchian”

S4E19 – Chapter Seventy-Six “Killing Mr. Honey”

We are looking forwards to seeing the fifth season.



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