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Roblox: How to Trade Items on the Platform

Roblox can be a harsh environment if you aren’t aware of some basic rules and tips. For instance, trading items on the platform can be a nightmare if you have no idea what you are doing. You can get fooled, or even lose your items to other smart players that know how things work.

We put together some simple guidelines and brought you a few simple trading rules you need to follow in order always to sell your items properly.

Trading Rules

As a seller, you can only demand 50 percent of the robux value of a specific item, which is calculated without the transaction fee. For instance, if you are selling a product with a price tag of 400 robux in the system, you cannot ask more than 200 robux for it after leaving a transaction fee of 30 percent for that particular trade.

The Recent Average Price (RAP) is computed when trading with anyone. If a subscriber is not being offered the minimum recent average price for the item they are selling, the trade may either get declined or countered by other users. Therefore, before putting an item on sale, ensure you check the RAP. In addition, if your product got countered by other traders, you can use the donation option.

NOTE: We recommend you be careful when trading products on Roblox. If you set the wrong price, and the item sells, the platform is not able to nullify the transaction.

The Trading System

The Trading System is a great functionality the Premium users have access to. It allows them to buy and sell limited content, as well as robux among players. To use this feature, subscribers must enable it by heading to the ‘Privacy’ tab in the ‘Account Settings’ page.

Here are the steps to help you trade items.

1. Head over to the user’s profile that you want to trade with
2. Click on the box in the top-right corner with their username, and tap on the three-dot menu
3. Select ‘Trade Items’

The option to trade items is also available in the inventory panel, so you can also perform the trading by selecting it from there.

How to Trade Items on Roblox

The trading process typically has two separate phases:

1. Account Optimization, which means you must get your account ready for trading
2. The actual trading

Here’s what you need to know about these stages and how to trade products on the platform.

Account Optimization

1. Get a Builders Club Membership or a Premium Membership and join the Builders Club
2. Turn on the trading option in your account. To do so, login into your Roblox account, head to ‘Account Settings,’ and ‘Privacy,’ then click on the ‘Trade Accessibility’ option
3. Get rare and limited products. To be notified about the rare products, get some Premium plugins


1. Search for users you want to trade your items with (remember that the trading option is only accessible if both users have a Builders Club Membership)
2. Access the trade browser window in the user’s profile – launch the Roblox homepage, type in the name of the user, open its profile and tap on the ‘Trade Items’ option in the menu
3. Send your trade request
4. Operate the trade window – there’s a panel with various items to trade. If you want one to sell, select it; if you are not happy with the default panel, there’s the option to add or remove items you want there
5. Manage the trade offers found in the guidelines above

NOTE: Do not fall for scams such as revealing your account or items details, making a deal where one of the sides goes first, or using the official system to pay for accounts, real money, or groups.



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