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Rockstar Censors GTA 6 Discussions Amid Juicy Leaks!

Rockstar Games seems to be cutting down on the amount of talk about GTA 6 on social media after users reported their comments being censored on YouTube.

The apparent censorship comes soon after some leaks suggested that Vice City is the next location for the following entry to the Grand Theft Auto franchise.

Reddit user TypicalPoetry22 expressed their frustration over the company’s censorship with images denoting how their comments regarding the game were deleted from YouTube:

“So, like every time I watch the newly uploaded YouTube video from Rockstar Games. And like every time I also look at the comments,” they stated, believing that they noticed something weird.

“There, I noticed that I haven’t seen a single comment about GTA 6.”

TypicalPoetry22 claimed that they wrote a comment about the upcoming GTA game and then opened an incognito browser tab to see that the comment isn’t visible!

Therefore, it looks like Rockstar Games has blacklisted any comment regarding GTA 6 on YouTube.

It looks like you aren’t allowed to say “GTA 6,” but “GTA VI” is okay for some reason.

Reason For The Censorship

It’s unclear why Rockstar introduced the filter, but many users pinpointed the moment close to the release of the new leaks regarding the game’s setting.

The initial leak appears to have emerged from a significant insider with (likely) trustworthy information, as some evidence suggests that they used to work at Take-Two Interactive.

Rockstar might be trying to contain the map leaks on its own YouTube clips. However, they may also try to prevent the spread of rumors regarding a game they haven’t even announced yet.

Nevertheless, it’s still weird that the company decided to censor comments.



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