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Rockstar Insider Leaks Mystery New GTA 6 Title

Rockstar Games has recently announced that their biggest hit, Grand Theft Auto 5, will be re-released on the PS5. However, Fans from around the world are eager to learn more about GTA 6, which hasn’t even been confirmed yet by the developer.

However, a leak from a supposed employee of Rockstar suggests that Rockstar is working on something new!

GTA 6 was the headlight of many news publications for a few weeks now. Some employees even claimed that the highly anticipated sequel of the franchise was in early development back in April 2020.

The Discovery

A careful Twitter user known as NickPlaysGamesX has noticed a hint on the Linkedin page of a known Rockstar employee.

Sarah Overend had previously been involved in Red Dead Redemption 2 as a gameplay and weapons animator for two years, according to her page history.

However, it’s her latest projects that stand out from the crowd. She is currently listed as working on gameplay and weapons animation for a “TBA” title, which is a true mystery.

According to the page, she has been working on the TBA title as well as Red Dead Redemption online since December 2018, so there are a few possible variants for the title – Bully 2, GTA 6, or a possible sequel to LA Noire.

Unfortunately, that is all we know for now, but some rumors suggest that a future GTA 5 mod will bring Liberty City to the game, which would be a total revolution for the franchise and the next big thing in its evolution.



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